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Here are the job opportunities created after the Blue economy conference in Nairobi



Dennis Itumbi Via fb

So after three days of intense discussions the three-day Blue Economy Conference closed yesterday.

What opportunities does focus on Blue Economy create?

I share some….

Quayside services,

A quay is the area near a lake, Ocean – next to the Blue.

Therefore Quayside Services is a range of businesses that can be established around that area.


1.Hotels and sea food restaraunts

2. Registration of vessels

3. Law firms

4. Beauty and massage

5. Cargo Handling Centre/s

6.Maritime Training Schools (President Kenyatta, “we are enhancing our capabilities for Kenya seafarers to work on ships across the vast oceans by, inter alia, upgrading the Kenya Maritime School.we are enhancing our capabilities for Kenya seafarers to work on ships across the vast oceans by, inter alia, upgrading the Kenya Maritime School.”)

7. Cold Room Facilities

8. Register NGO(s) – Promote Human rights in Maritime

9. Waste Management – especially getting rid of plastics in our Water bodies – (President Kenyatta in his speech prioritised this bit )

10. Blue Economy specialised Journalism and blogging (Therefore Lecturers, Editors and Reporters)

11. Security sector

12. Fishing (President Kenyatta, “we have adopted a programme to accelerate the development of our fisheries, by increasing aquaculture, fish processing and storage capacities ,”)

13. Offshore oil and gas

14. Minerals resources

15. Innovation Hub

16. Research Institution

17. Blue Bond – Investment in a Possible Government Blue Bond

18. Hycanith and other water body weeds Packaging and re-packaging into oils, Lotions,medicine, cosmetics etc

19. Contract Fishing farming

20. Hatcheries to provide seed

21. Fish Farming

22. Fishing net manufacturers

23. Fish Feed manufacturer

24. Data collection


1. Ship repairers

2. Equipment manufacturers

3. Cleaning services

4. Ship Brokerage

5. Ship and other vessels Insurance

6. Ship Surveying

7. Container Repair Industry

8. Ship and Boat building – A National Shipping line

NB: The President said this in his speech, “we are taking measures to revive our maritime transport, by building and expanding our ports,shipping facilities and partnering with global shipping lines to extend our maritime reach.”


1. President Kenyatta, “In the current financial year 2017/18, the government in partnership with World Bank targets to invest Ksh10 billion in marine fisheries through a project focusing on improving the livelihood of the people living along the coast. ”

2. Government has set aside Kshs 100 million to kick-start the set-up of a fish laboratory in Mombasa to ensure high quality fish and fish products for export market. (Fish Products, very interesting)

3. Fisheries Research and Development Fund

4. Fish Levy Trust Fund to support fisheries management in a sustainable manner, and implement obligations under international law concerning fisheries, which are yet to be established.

You can add more – Please go through the points above an either go for the opportunities or pool resources with friends and take advantage early

God Bless You, Keep You and Favour You

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