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Hon Millie Odhiambo War with Hon Gladys Wanga Wrecking Havoc in Homabay, worse than STI Jakadala



As a senior Party legislator, Millie Odhiambo Mabona Geza Geza is displaying immaturity with her persistent and unprovoked attacks on Homa Bay Woman Rep Gladys Wanga.

The saddest part of it all is that Mabona is unwittingly fomenting internal divisions in the ODM at a time when other competing parties are in retreat mode, strategizing and mobilising for the next electoral cycle.

The Suba North MP is in serious violation of the part Code of Conduct when she needlessly lambaste a fellow party member who was elected to office just like herself.

Mabona’s persistent negative energy within ODM is running counter to the spirit of the handshake between His Excellency Raila Odinga and His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta. An effort to split the party when others are working so hard to unite the country calls for an examination of what her true intentions are.

Only one faction of Jubilee, that led by DP William Ruto is working day and night to collapse the peace deal between Raila and Uhuru.

Mabona must make a disclosure in whose side she stands, and act in a manner that conforms to her declarations. Is she for unity or disunity?

She must be called to order and if need be summoned by relevant party disciplinary organs.

Hon Wanga has so far shown great restraint and conducted herself with decorum even as Mabona issues inflammatory statements against her.

For good measure, Wanga has not solicited for Mabona’s support on any campaign and therefore the question of Mabona declining to support Wanga is headless and tailless.

One hopes ODM national officials can start to forge a unity of purpose within the party. For instance, to start recruitment if new members, or to canvass its supporters to register as voters.

In the eve of a major transitional election such as 2022, the party should be receiving defectors and opening new branches; in other words strengthen the party in every possible way rather than weaken it and disunite it through unhelpful and quite juvenile supremacy contests as is being done by Mabona against Wanga.

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