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How Maraga’s Judiciary has proven incompetent in the war against corruption



The courts in Kenya are slowly turning out to be places where justice is expensive to get. The way they handle cases just raises many questions, even to some extent people prefer they just go back to their jungle laws.

The Chief Justice David Maraga himself has come out more than once to admit that the courts are not acting up to the required standards. But what is he doing to make it work again?

The office of DCI George Kinoti and DPP Noordin Haji have always blamed the Judiciary for always a center where the perpetrators are left walking despite their tireless and courageous acts.

The rate at which bribery is taking place in the courts is with no doubt at its peak. Most top politicians linked with major cases always get lighter sentences than a person caught stealing chicken.

The trend continues. Kenyans are still waiting for any successful prosecution in the major cases in the courts right now.

Now this is what angered Kenyans have to say on the turning of courts into massage parlours:

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