How to get 300,000 from Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko during this festive season

Are you a Nairobi resident? Well, did you know that you can make up to a total of Ksh 300,000 this festive season courtesy of Governor Mike Sonko? It is this easy! Governor Sonko has offered a cash reward of Sh300,000 to city residents who will bust and arrest water cartels who divert water to private vendors in estates. Won’t you be able to do that?

The governor on Saturday launched a crackdown targeting the cartels who have been blamed for water shortage in the city.
Sonko who was Speaking on Saturday at Kiboro grounds in Mathare during the monthly clean-up exercise also offered a reward of Sh10,000 to the public if they bust and arrest Nairobi City County Government officials who collude with water cartels to divert water.

“Investigations reveal that the water shortage being experienced in many parts of Nairobi is as a result of sabotage by water cartels whose days are now numbered,” Sonko said.

The county chief said his administration is determined to nab the criminals.

In a statement, the governor said water demand for Nairobi residents stands at 790,000 cubic meters against a production capacity of 526,000 cubic meters.
Water demand in Nairobi grows by 20,000 cubic meters per year.

Sonko, however, promised that his administration, the national government and World Bank in collaboration with other donors are funding construction of phase 1 of the northern collector tunnel that will supply 140,000 cubic meters of water to Nairobi.

The project is expected to be completed by October next year.

“This project will divert flood water to the tunnel from three rivers; Gikigie, Irati and Maragua in Murang’a. The tunnel will bring water to Thika/Ndakaini dam whose yield today is unable to support the required production capacity of Ngethu water treatment works of 440,000 cubic meters,” Sonko said.
Sonko further said his administration is working on plans to improve water supply to Langata and Karen areas.

He said a pipeline is being laid from Kabete to Uthiru before connecting to Karen shopping centre and linking with the pipeline along Langata road.

“This will address water supply problems in the whole of Langata constituency and remove the water conflict between Kibra and Langata constituencies,” Sonko said.

“At South C along the Olive hospital road, the county has a 24,000,000 liter water tank which has the capacity to supply water to the entire Langata constituency,” Sonko added.

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