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How Uhuru Silenced The Nagging Mt Kenya Mafia



By Antony Oyugi


One special attribute about this guy is that he plays politics in his own style. He doesn’t have time for the so called Mt Kenya mafia….at least lately

Jomo Kenyatta didn’t really have a kitchen cabinet. A kitchen cabinet FORMED ITSELF around Jomo. It was a cabal of vultures who were out to take power upon his death. They formed a fence around him shielding him from ‘unfriendly’ opinions and contacts. This group is the real reason why Jaramogi was demonized. They branded him a Communist though he was richer than most of them. It was a tactic meant to paint him dark blue in the eyes of Jomo. When they were done with Jaramogi they went for Tom Mboya, JM and later on Moi. Herein were Dr Njoroge Mungai, Mbiyu Koinange, Kihika Kimani, Njenga Karume and clowns like Kariuki Chotara

Mwai Kibaki had something of this team in Francis Muthaura, Matere Keriri, Matu Wamae, Njenga Karume, John Michuki, Alex Mureithi (his brother), David Mwiraria and some golfing wazees. They shielded Kibaki and misled him severally. They’re the main reason why Kibaki’s era was screwed up. Just like the Jomo guys demonized Jaramogi and others, this troop made Raila Amollo Odinga look like Lucifer’s cousin in the eyes on Kibaki

Uhuru tolerated this crowd in his first term. By default they have either passed away, gone senile or are so afflicted by gout and arthritis to walk to Statehouse for cheap gossip about Raila. Uhuru may have actually noticed that these wazees are useless that’s why he brought onboard guys like Nzioka Waita and Kinuthia Mbugua. People who have powers to stop any air head from accessing Statehouse to go discuss who slept with who. Uhuru doesn’t actually have much in common with this Mt Kenya mafia guys. He’s not Zebu. He’s Guernsey. He’s got a bond with people like Alfred Getonga, Tony Gachoka, David Murathe, Bruce Odhiambo, Gideon Moi and Raila Odinga (the guy who used to carry him gongo whenever the Kenyattas visited Jaramogi at Kabarnet Gardens).

So, whoever tries preaching this Mt Kenya superiority nonsense to Uhuru should be very careful. Most of them like Maina Kamanda are finding themselves in unfamiliar territory. Uhuru doesn’t believe in this bullshit. Those who got close to power through anti Odinga propaganda are also lost. You can’t come from some village deep in the bush to tell a man that his childhood friend is Gogon Medusa. Do you know that Jomo and Jaramogi once ran a joint bank account? Are you sure that account was closed?

To quote Uhuru Kenyatta..’ The bond between me and my brother Raila is soooooo deep’

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