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‘I almost gave up after 15 months of auditioning and being rejected,’ Nick Ndeda narrates struggles in acting industry



Nick Ndeda is  definitely one of a kind. He’s jerk of all trades and we are not complaining.

From the theatres to the airwaves, his voice always leaves women yearning to have a piece of him.

But did you know that despite him being Mr perfect he has been through a lot in life before he rose to stardom?

Nick Ndeda

Well, for the first time, Nick Ndeda, who is 33 years old, has shared his life journey. The XFM presenter has revealed that nothing comes easy unless you work hard for it.

Ndeda has narrated how after finishing high school he showed up at Kenya National Theatre with high hopes of getting a job in the acting industry but all in vain. He says he auditioned for more than a year and he was rejected, but he never gave up.

Nick Ndeda

Below is Ndeda’s short story, go through;

15 years ago, the day after I completed my KCSE exams, I showed up at the national theatre with my acting certificates and high hopes. Soon thereafter I realized those certificates were worth zilch and my hopes were almost dashed. Almost. After 15 months of auditioning and being rejected, I almost gave up. Almost.

“Then I auditioned for a Shakespeare play and I got a ka-small ka-part and that gave me the opportunity to show other Industry players what I got. Long story short, that play was an opportunity that opened doors to people and relationships that led to this awesome moment. Moral? When you feel Iike ALMOST giving up, ALMOST throwing In the towel-DON’T.”