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‘I even tried staying away from makeup’ Joanna Kinuthia on her struggle with acne



Joanna Kinuthia has become a sweetheart to many ever since she started her YouTube channel. Many people got to know her via her channel, doing makeup tutorials.

Joanna Kinuthia

Joanna is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the country as she recently launched her cosmetic line, Joanna K Cosmetics.

Well, if you’ve followed Joanna for a while, you must have noticed she had acne, something you’d probably not have noticed when she wears makeup.

Joanna Kinuthia

Just like anyone who has or has had acne, it’s quite an annoying thing and so she sought for remedies that would help clear her skin.

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In an interview with Kiss 100, she revealed that she tried a number of products and procedures, going as far as laser treatment.

Joanna Kinuthia

I started developing acne maybe two years ago or less and I had never had acne before. My skin was completely clear all my life. Acne is not something easy to go through if you’ve ever had acne and especially because of my career. I was on YouTube doing makeup tutorials and people just expect that you have flawless skin and put foundation over flawless skin. That really had an impact on how I felt about the acne.

Joanna Kinuthia

She Added,

I tried many different things and I took my community along with me as I was trying all these things. I tried the laser acne treatment, I also tried other products, very many different techniques. I even tried staying away from makeup for sometime. Eventually I found a regime called, it’s some product that helps to clear your skin and that’s what I used and my skin cleared up

Watch the interview below;

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