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Janet Mbugua having trouble accepting her achievements (Here’s how she’s dealing with it ) – Nairobi News



Journalist Janet Mbugua has admitted to struggling with imposter syndrome.

Janet, who resigned from an illustrious media career and is married to a high-flying tech executive, feels she does not deserve all she has achieved.

Individuals with imposter syndrome, according to Wikipedia, doubt their accomplishments and have a persistent fear of being exposed as a “fraud.” They incorrectly attribute their success to luck.

Impostor phenomenon is not a mental disorder.


The self-doubt has taken a toll on the former news anchor, but she says she has come up with ways of deal with it.

“I struggle with imposter syndrome and I noticed that a lot of you have. It’s actually not true it’s just a voice that is not true, maybe it’s supposed to keep you humble, I don’t know but now that I recognize it I have found ways to address it,” she said.

Janet explained that she now validates the syndrome as a normal feeling and reminds herself of her achievements so as to celebrate her wins.

“It’s ok to celebrate the small wins…those little things that push you to the front say, ‘Good job, I did something good there,’ ” she said.

The journalist was recently listed among the top 25 women in digital, an accomplishment she said triggered the syndrome and took a while for her to accept.