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Kabi WaJesus Narrates His Success Story, Discourages The Youth From Clout Chasing- I Bought My First Camera At Class 5



They say, behind a successful man, there’s a strong woman; and popular YouTuber Kabi WaJesus, alongside his exquisite wife Milly WaJesus, are among the most successful content creators in the country. With their huge fan base, their YouTube channel is also among the most subscribed in Kenya, with over 411,ooo subs.

The WaJesus Family-Google

One Step At A Time

Their journey to such a magnificent achievement has been a gradual one. As Kabi WaJesus states, it has not been easy. But through his hardwork and patience, he made it.

Writing on his Insta stories, he discourages young people from chasing clout using established celebrities. This has probably been ignited by the fact that recently, upcoming artists have been using this subtle means to attract attention. Kabi wrote;

”This is not a result of luck. It’s hardwork, its sleepless nights. It’s consistency, its a passion and above all the work of God in our life.

Unlike most celebrities we have not grown our numbers by clout or God fathers in the industry. No, it’s by the favor of God, its by your support…”

Kabi continued by sharing a throwback photo of himself and captioned;

”This was 2010. I was still working on my craft, I have always known that camera would one day work for me (don’t give your dream yet). I bought my first camera at class 5. I started taking photos of class eights and just like that I became a photo man in the hood Kayole…”

Kabi and Milly WaJesus are now earning handsomely from their growing YouTube channel. It’s evident from their sleek lifestyle that they’ve now made it. Hopefully, their story will be an inspiration to the youth.

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