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KCAA Conducts Search and Rescue Drill



The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority today conducted a multi-agency search and rescue drill, assessing Kenya’s preparedness for aviation incidences.

The Okoa Maisha Asarex 2019 involved the Kenya Defence forces, National Police Service and Kenya Meteorological department. Moreover, players like the ministry of health, KQ, KAA and the National Disaster Operations Centre took part in the drill.

This year’s drill was the first of its kind in the region, taking as long as one year to plan. Lessons from today’s exercise will help address gaps within the search and rescue system, increasing speed, and reliability of response.

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Okoa Maisha Asarex 2019 was meant to assess the ability to coordinate, communicate commands, and controls in an emergency situation.

Closing gaps in standard operating procedures would also optimise resource use and improve efficiency within Kenya’s aviation and rescue system.

“The exercise will help us gauge the preparedness of the Government Agencies that are part of the National Aeronautical Search and Rescue system in responding to an aviation incident or accident, to improve efficiency in response time in any search and rescue mission,” said KCAA director-general Gilbert M. Kibe.

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