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Electricity Generation To Increase by 200MW in 2021, KenGen Announces.



Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) is planning to add 200 MW of electricity to the national grid within the next two years.

KenGen’s CEO and MD, Rebecca Miano said that under the plan, the company will generate 165MW by the end of 2019 and pump in an additional  83.3MW by 2021. The power is expected to be generated from Olkaria V power plant to the national grid. Olkaria V power plant generates geothermal power which is not only a renewable energy source but also cheaper to generate regardless of the weather patterns.

Speaking during a visit at Olkaria, the CEO alluded that electricity generation undertakings at the Olkaria V power plant were at an advanced stage. She opined that the current electricity production in Kenya stood at 2,720MW of which KenGen had injected 1,631MW to the national grid whereas Independent Power Producers (IPP) generated the remaining 1,089MW.

“Geothermal is leading at 40 percent followed by hydro at 35 percent while wind and solar stands at 13 and 2 percent respectively,” she said.

The CEO further said that over the years, KenGen is making major strides in geothermal power production noting that currently 310 wells have been drilled around the Olkaria area in Naivasha.

The move to increase production of geothermal power is key in reduction of electricity costs for Kenyans as it would lead to less reliance on production of electricity from thermal power because Geothermal power is a cheaper and readily available alternative as compared to thermal power. The CEO added that KenGen was committed to drilling more wells in a move to enable the country have cleaner and more  electricity for Kenyan consumers.

KenGen Chairman, Joshua Choge also contributed in the discussion. He said that the company had entered into a partnership with countries in the sub-Saharan Africa region over more geothermal exploration. The patnership deal involves consultancy services where KenGen will use its hands-on expertise in the geothermal exploration field to develop geothermal plants and capacity building for engineers in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Djibouti, Zambia, Comoros and Sudan

He added that by offering the consultation, the company had been able to develop an affiliation with other geothermal and geo-scientific engineers, a practice that had enabled the company keep abreast of the latest technology in geothermal sector.





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