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Kenya Railways warn Nairobi residents of a weakened footbridge connecting Industrial area to CBD



Kenya Railways  has warned Nairobians over the weakening of the footbridge connecting the Central Business District (CBD) to Industrial area.

“Kenya Railways would like to urge members of the Public using the Railway footbridge connecting CBD and Landi Mawe to do so in an orderly manner for their own safety and that of other users,” read an online post by the parastatal.

They further explained that they had deployed police at the footbridge to avoid overloading as it could only support a maximum of five people per square meter.

The bridge is made of wooden planks and is a major connection between the two most crucial sections of the city.

The warning came after a video of the overcrowded fragile bridge surfaced online.

The viral video showed terrified people who were crossing the bridge in the dark while screaming over fears it could collapse.

The bridge grew more dangerous especially during the rainy Tuesday morning as the planks became more slippery and made it more risky for commuters to slide and fall.

Sonko had issued a ban on all PSVs from accessing the CBD as a move to decongest the city of its problematic traffic.

The Governor However lifted the ban on Tuesday December 4, after consultations from the industry players who agreed to find a lasting solution that catered for all citizens including the sick and the handicapped.

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