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KR to evict tenants for Sh100m rent arrears




KR to evict tenants for Sh100m rent arrears

Kenya Railways’ houses in Upper Hill’s Matumbato Road, Nairobi, where tenants were evicted from on April 24 2014. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Thousands of tenants risk being evicted from Kenya Railways’ rental houses in four major towns over failure to clear rent arrears worth more than Sh100 million.

The corporation in a notice on Wednesday gave the tenants up to March 6 to clear the arrears.

“All tenants or licensees in all regions (Central, Coast, Rift Valley and Western) are advised to clear all the rent arrears,” said the corporation in a short notice on its Twitter account.

“We hereby issue a seven-day notice to clear all the outstanding rent arrears and regularise your accounts,” added the notice. The corporation further indicated that any tenant who fails to pay after the expiry of the notice risks being kicked out of the houses without further notice.

The houses will then be re- allocated to other deserving people, it said.

The move comes in the wake of a land management tussle between 9,000 pensioners of Kenya Railways Staff Retirement Benefits Scheme and the Nairobi Railways Club escalated leading to the demolition of their houses.

The residents claimed they had not been given a vacation notice. The fiasco saw the pensioners lose valuable property including cash. At the centre of controversy is an18-acre land that Nairobi Railways Club sits on and which was given to the retirees by Kenya Railways.