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Love affair? Itumbi sends a special message to Jaque Maribe on her birthday



By Milton Were

Today is a big day for media personality Jacque Maribe and  this calls for celebrations with her loved ones.

Not so sure if a party will go down having that it has been a tough  season for her. Her friends however are not keeping mute as they  showered her with love on this day.

Celebrations could even be by the word of mouth and her friend Dennis Itumbi knows how to do is best.

‘Poetry Master’ Itumbi has been drafting sentimental messages for Maribe through the period of the murder case in which Maribe and her fiancee were linked to leading to their arrest.

Today was not an exception as Maribe marks a milestone in her life and Itumbi says that he cannot wait for Maribe to begin new year with a fresh stamina.

Itumbi in his Birthday note mentioned that he is impressed by the Magic that Maribe possesses.

Here is the poem dedicated to Maribe.

I wrote this one late, Kindly carry it to the car as you go to court today, That is why I slip this under your door, Happy Birthday Jacque Maribe, Been standing outside your door, With pen and notebook, Thinking how Tragic a year you had, Impressed by the Magic you have, Aware that like someone said, A challenge, only becomes an obstacle when you bow to it. So here my birthday note, At least one day this year find a very rainy mid-morning, I will come with an umbrella, So that, I can hold just one raindrop for you, place it on your bicep and watch it roll down. I ask for no more, Just a chance to watch you re-introduce yourself in 2019, With your wounds – Yes. With your visible scars – Yes. But with fresh stamina.. Undettered passion Because you are, Jacque Maribe. Happy Birthday!

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