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Lupita Nyong’o responds to brother’s controversial photo



By now it’s pretty clear that Lupita Nyong’o’s younger brother Junior Nyong’o, does what pleases him. He’s a really artsy person and has experimented a number of things.

He raised eyebrows when he wore a dress during the Blankets and Wine’s 10th anniversary not so long ago.

Well, he yet again made headlines when he was photographed half naked by photographer Lyra Aoko. He was wearing a red thong, red heels and a red head wrap. In another photo he wore red lipstick and was holding a snake.

The suggestive photo was captioned, ” What if Adam was Eve?”

‘If a piece of clothing looks good, it looks good’ Lupita Nyong’o’s bro speaks about his dressing

So many people had mixed reactions to the photos with some thinking it was weird while others thought it was a beautiful art.

His sister Lupita commented on the photo writing,

Hahaha. I have never ever thought of that!”

Not so long ago, in a screenshot seen by Kiss FM, someone asked Junior if there was a thought process behind his dressing code and he made it clear by saying, “There’s no “thought process” my g. If a piece of clothing looks good it looks good.”

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