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Mabona’s disgraceful behaviour mirrors the jilted older wife when a younger energetic wife arrives



The MP for Suba North in Mbita Hon Millie Mabona yesterday launched an unprecedented and unprovoked attack on the Homa Bay Woman Representative Hon Gladys Wanga.

In a Facebook post that attracted widescale interaction, Mabona purported to ‘state categorically’ that she “loves” her sister Hon Gladys Wanga, adding that while she was for supporting women leadership in general, she would never support ineffective and exploitative leadership, even by a woman.

For the record, Hon Mabona, who found her way into politics through an ODM nomination in 2008, has never supported Hon Wanga; who was overwhelmingly elected to a county office on first attempt.

Mabona’s problem stems from the fact that she never imagined other upcoming women politicians would emerge from within Homa Bay and within ODM to grow politically and overshadow her outdated and backward politicking.

After gobbling close to half a billion shillings within 5 years in constituency development funds, Mabona has no record to speak about in Mbita. No flagship project in her decade long career in the national assembly; and no legacy to write home about anywhere within her constituency. Yet she has temerity to lambast those like Hon Wanga who are literally changing lives for ordinary people all over Homa Bay County.

During the days Mabona was backstabbing ODM party colleagues and undermining it’s leader Raila Odinga by hobnobbing with the Kalausi brigade, Hon Wanga had the foresight to establish an economic empowerment program at the grassroots for the poor women of Homa Bay including Suba where Mabona comes from.

In 2014, the sponsors of the dead and buried Kalausi correctly identified Mabona’s out-of-control ego and deployed it to attack Raila Odinga. To date, Mabona is still undermining party unity by formenting needless conflict with fellow party members who are working hard to position ODM in favourable light with the masses. Mabona forgets ODM fished her from nowhere and made her Member of Parliament.

In her spiteful social media post, Mabona also made a false proclamation to the effect that Hon Wanga would be the worst mistake Homabay would ever make for choice of Governor.

Whereas Hon Wanga is yet to publicly declare interest in the Homa Bay County gubernatorial race, Mabona is least qualified to determine the suitability of any prospective candidate given her appalling service delivery record in Suba North.

For the record, in case Mabona missed the news, Gladys Wanga was independently ranked the leading Woman Representative in the entire Kenyan National Assembly by Infotrak.

The Rt Hon Raila Odinga has praised the work of Hon Gladys Wanga in uplifting the lives of the women of Homa Bay County

The same pollster ranked Mabona a distant 148th in approval ratings for members of parliament with 50-something percent. This is not a concoction of the so called online warriors but a scientific survey by reputable pollster.

Since when did those scoring C minus and below start berating those scoring straight As? As far leadership goes, Wanga is evidently heads and shoulders above the Mabonas of this world.

The choice for governor remains the prerogative of the people of Homa Bay County and the support or lack thereof by Mabona means absolutely nothing.

Needless to say, it Mabona is busy today undoing the constituency work of Hon Otieno Kajwang, a man dearly missed by the people of Mbita and Homa Bay at large. Kajwang left a solid political and socio-economic development record in Mbita hardly four years ago. Today, his legacy is at risk of being forgotten because of a deplorable MP in the name of Mabona.

Wanga has conducted herself with decorum and remained focused on her mandate, while Mabona is shadow boxing with imaginary enemies on social media instead of first delivering to the people of Suba North.

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