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Meet East Africa Finest Actor “BIKO In SELINA” And “Mr. WANYAMA” In TAHIDI HIGH”



By Albert Nyakundi Amenya aka Banana Peddler

I am an ardent fan of local programmes. I staunchly love watching locally produced programmes. Sometimes back like five years or so, I moonlighted as an actor in Citizen TV’s Papa Shirandula, thanks to my able director Mr. Kibwana Onguso who gave me a chance. God bless you Sir.

Having watched most of our local programmes, there is this telenovela/dramedy called SELINA which airs in MAISHA MAGIC EAST that has captivated my attention. Likewise, there is this character in that programme called BIKO aka Kamau Peter in his real name. The boy is exceptionally amazing. In his role, he exhibits sincere love and passion when acting.

Despite his pride, Biko displays class, discipline and confidence. If I were to rate, I would rate him as the best actor in East and Central Africa. Likewise, I can attest without contradiction that Selina is the best locally made television programme.

All the pulchritudinous actors and actresses fit their respective roles. Wakio Mzenge and Helen Keli are great too. But Biko stands out nonetheless. As an actor, he is professional in all situations because his talent is innate. His whimsical sense of vanity, coupled with some fake pride exuding in him, raises a unique standard.

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(The witer sells bababas in the streets of Kisii Town)

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