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Meet the 18-year-old lass who didn’t know she was 9 months pregnant. This is how she discovered



A size 8 teenager with a flat stomach was stunned when doctors told her she was almost nine months pregnant, and suddenly produced a giant bump by re-positioning her baby.

Saffron Heffer, 18, from Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, says she had no idea she was expecting a baby until her mother suggested she took a pregnancy test when they spotted a strange line on her stomach.

Saffron Heffer
Saffron Heffer,Read More;

Aside from the mark, which turned out to be a pigmentation line, Saffron showed no physical signs of pregnancy and had been visiting the gym and going on sunbeds completely unaware of her condition.

The retail assistant put her missed periods down to the contraceptive pill she had started a few months earlier, and her cravings for Cornettos, lettuce and strawberries due to them being on offer at the local shop.

Just 17 at the time, it turned out that she was 37 weeks pregnant, and the emergency midwife confirmed her baby boy was back-to-back in her womb, explaining the lack of bump.

Saffron gave birth to her healthy 8lb 1oz son Oscar Heffer just six weeks later in June 2018, and despite the shock, Saffron says she loves being a mum to her little boy. Daily Mail reports.