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Mike Sonko lifts matatu CBD ban



Mike Sonko lifts matatu CBD ban

Nairobi governor, Mike Sonko early this morning lifted the ban that he had imposed on matatus.

This was after an outcry from the people on how they suffered getting around. Pedestrians yesterday had to go an extra mile as it was hard for them to know where exactly their matatus were located and figure out how they were to move around as their usual bust stops had been changed.

Was the ban on matatus entering the CBD well thought out? Sonko responds

Footbridges from different parts of Nairobi were full, some even getting to the point of seeming unstable with huge crowds of people trying to maneuver a way through it. People’s fear was that thugs and armed robbers would use this moment to steal from people.

Sonko said that,’ I have noted with deep concern the plight of Nairobi residents as a result of the ban and the full implementation of this directive is therefore suspended.’

The question on many peoples mind is that the main aim for the ban was to decongest the city. However, that wasn’t the case yesterday as people were seen being stuck in traffic for so many hours.

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