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Mombasa Man sues hospital after botched vasectomy



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A Mombasa man who underwent a vasectomy procedure has sued the hospital that carried out the procedure  and its doctors after his wife fell pregnant.

Samuel Gatenjwa has sued Marie Stopes Kenya Limited and a Dr Igogi for conducting a faulty vasectomy – a surgical procedure for male sterilisation or permanent contraception.Gatenjwa said the doctors had assured him that there would be no risk and that the operation would provide a permanent sterilisation solution.

Gatenjwa told lady Justice Dorah Chepkwony heard that the operation was necessary as his wife was experiencing unpleasant health side effects as a result of previous contraceptive methods.

“For a variety of reasons, my wife and I would not be in a position to bear more children hence the operation was necessary,” said Gatenjwa.

Gatenjwa underwent the procedure in March 2004 and says the doctor assured him that it was carried out in a competent manner.He said that in 2005, his wife became pregnant and subsequent tests revealed he was not sterile as he had been led to believe after undergoing the vasectomy.

“I put my wife to great health risk, causing her to suffer due to the incompetent careless actions of the hospital.” He said

The hospital has denied that they advised the man to undergo vasectomy and now want him to prove otherwise.

“We admit having carried out the procedure on the plaintiff as alleged but we did not inform the plaintiff (Gatenjwa) that the operation was a success as he alleges,” Said Okundi advocates