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Muslim leaders condemn Supreme Court’s decision about Hijab in schools



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A section of  political leaders from the Muslim community have condemned the Supreme Court’s that barred Muslim students are not allowed to wear hijabs in non-Muslim schools.

This was after the apex court yesterday overturned a Court of Appeal ruling that had allowed Muslim students to wear hijabs in whichever school they attend.

Methodist church who are the sponsors of St. Paul’s Kiwanjani secondary school in Isiolo has been entangled in a four year case against Teachers Service Commission, Isiolo County Education Office and a parent at the school Mohamed Fugicha.

This follows a request made by former Isiolo Deputy Governor Mohamed Guleid in June 2014 asking the administration of St. Paul’s Kiwanjani secondary school to allow Muslim girls in the school to wear religious headgear known as the hijab and white trousers.

In their ruling, the Appellate Court directed schools to allow students to wear hijabs to accommodate those students whose religious beliefs require them to wear particular items of clothing in addition to the school uniform.

The Supreme Court on Thursday however said that the decision was against the school uniform policy and that every school has a right to determine its own uniform policy, a ruling that has not gone down well with a section of leaders.

Supreme Council of Muslim of Kenya deputy chair Hassan Ole Naado emphasized the importance of hijab for a Muslim woman.

“The case was thrown out on technicalities but we are in discussions with other Muslim institutions with a view of reintroducing the case in a lower court, for us, hijab is part of our Muslim faith. Without hijab one cannot practice the religious obligations,” he said.

National Muslim Leaders Forum chairman, Abdullahi Abdi termed the ruling worrying, saying it has caused agitation among Muslims.

“It is shocking that the supreme body of justice in this county can ignore the constitutional provisions that guarantee freedom of worship of every Kenyan, in favor of school rules,” he said.

Isiolo women representative, Rehema Dida said they will continue to fight the ruling.

“We are ready to seek for justice in any court including even the international courts,” she said