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New plan to raise milk yields : The Standard



Milk vacuuming horse is fitted with computers which can tell when the udder is empty already and automatically drop from a cow’s tits [Standard]

The Government plans to increase the country’s processed milk output to one billion litres annually by 2022 as part of industrywide reforms.

Under the plan, the Agriculture Ministry will overhaul the dairy industry value chain and come up with a strategy to improve animal breeding to increase milk production that currently stands at 640 million litres annually.
According to the ministry, the industry’s current 10-year strategy is set to be relooked to boost the interests of stakeholders.
“Kenya is the third-largest milk producer after Ethiopia and Sudan with 5.2 billion litres annually and has the highest per capita consumption in Africa. Yet many challenges remain,” said Agriculture Chief Administrative Secretary Andrew Tuimur in Nairobi yesterday. 

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Dr Tuimur was speaking at the opening of a three-day African Dairy Conference organised by the Eastern and Southern Africa Dairy Association (ESADA) and other stakeholders.
He said the Ministry would be keen on implementing the revamped strategy, which will see production capacity markedly improved through a host of initiatives which seek to create efficiencies in the value chain.
“These include the procurement and distribution of 350 milk coolers and the setting up of modern bull stations,” he said.
Dr Tuimur further said the State is focusing on improving the quality and safety of milk, improving breeding as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions from farming activities.
Kenya Dairy Board Managing Director Margaret Kibogy said the regulator had also revised its strategy in line with global best practices.

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