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Nyota Ndogo grants public permission to cane her daughter for ‘messing’ around – Nairobi News



The ‘Watu na Viatu’ says she wouldn’t have an issue if anyone caned her daughter for messing up with boys.

Mombasa-based songbird, Nyota Ndogo, has given permission to anyone to discipline her daughter Baraka if they ever find her ‘cornered’ by a man in a rather compromising situation.

Through her social media accounts, the Watu na Viatu hit maker has argued that children belong to the entire society, thus it will be fair for anyone to cane her daughter if he or she finds her messing up with boys or any man.


“Mukiona Baraka amekuwa mkubwa, umkute amebanwa ukutani na mwanaume ama kijana na amevaa nguo za shule, chuku fimbo tandika huku ukimuuliza kwenu wapi, mlete nyumbani kwangu ukimwambia maisha magumu sana kwa nini unataka kuyaharibu,” Nyota wrote.

Kenyan songbird Nyota Ndogo and her daughter Baraka. PHOTO | COURTESY

Nyota Ndogo, who in recent years has gone slow on her music, is a mother of two children from her previous marriage to Mombasa based producer K Shot.


The two were married for a decade, a union that bore them a son and daughter, before they divorced.

Nyota Ndogo later met and dated her Danish national Henning Nieilsen for two years before getting married in May 2016.

At the time of their meeting, Nieilsen was also divorced. The couple are yet to have a child together.