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Nzioka Waita jumps to Muhoho Kenyatta’s defence in rebutal to Kenyan News Day exposè –



Nzioka Waita


  •  Medical Equipment Management Scheme (MEMS) branded a selfish money making venture

Muhoho Kenyatta, a younger brother to President Uhuru Kenyatta,has activated high level government to undertake public relations on his behalf after he was adversely mentioned in Kenyan News Day as being the powerful individual behind a secretive and single-sourced multi-billion deal.

Last week, in an uncharacteristic op-ed in one of the local dailies, state House technocrat Nzioka Waita penned a lengthy opinion piece attempting to explain the controversial Medical Equipment Management Scheme (MEMS) between counties and the national government worth a staggering Sh38 billion annually.

Kenyan News Day had on December 2, 2018 exclusively exposed Muhoho as the person behind the scandalous deal that has been strongly opposed by governors and Senators.

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Waita who is Chief of Staff and Head of Presidential Delivery Unit at State House sought to trash the constitutional structure that places health as a responsibility of county governments by making the bizarre claim that the national government “is expected to midwife the relevant infrastructure to nurture a healthy citizenry.”

Predictably, Waita was unable to explain how the multi-billion shilling project was publicly procured and what criteria was used to select five foreign firms to supply the equipment. He avoided the topic altogether.

Waita’s response was also devoid of any expert analysis on how the project supports county hospitals towards placing greater emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention, as opposed to pursuit of expensive
diagnostic and curative services alone, an intervention known to be promoted by the World Health Organisation.

Our exposé was published after an extensive probe by Kenyan News Day at The National Treasury, the Ministry of Health and the Council of Governors established irregularities in execution of the project which is being driven as a commercial venture to benefit powerful individuals.

Our investigation further established that Muhoho Kenyatta had in fact vested interests in the project through a number of private and shadowy companies listed as country representatives for five foreign entities that were irregularly single sourced to supply the leased Medical equipment.

Muhoho’s interests are fiercely protected by senior government officials among them Health CS Sicily Kariuki, her Finance counterpart Gentry Rotich and now State House Chief of Staff Nzioka Waita.

Health experts whom we interviewed termed Waita’s op-ed as shallow, biased and more of a defending a commercial venture than promoting a public health intervention.

Waita’s job description places him squarely at State House which presumably has nothing to do with operational matters in Ministry of Health or Treasury which financing the deal directly.

Nzioka’s public op-ed only but raised suspicion as to the connection between State House and the deal.

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