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Pastor Wilfred Lai blasts protestants for believing Sunday is God’s sabbath day



Mombasa preacher Wilfred Lai of Jesus Celebration Centre (JCC) has ignited controversy after claiming Sunday is not God’s sabbath day but a day for initiated by the devil.

In a viral video in which he affirms Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) faithful will be happy with his sermon , the man of God blasted his congregants for embracing the Sunday worship saying their action was not only satanic but also a direct affront to the gospel.

Pastor Wilfred Lai advised Christians to observe Saturday worship only. Photo: Jesus Celebration Centre/Facebook.
Source: Facebook

Even though Lai is a protestant who worships on Sunday, he stated the idea of embracing the day as one for worship was a scheme by the devil to “weaken the church” and neautralise Christianity.

According to the JCC founder, the Bible identifies Saturday as the seventh day of the week which all worshipers should observe and keep holy and not Sunday as it had widely become a routine among Christians.

Noteworthy to remember, his church in Mombasa conducts services on Sunday and not Saturday as he advises.

“Sunday worship is of the devil if you did not know. I am not a prophet of doom, I’m a prophet of God. This thing about Sunday is what has weakened the church. Sunday worship is the greatest witchcraft of the church. Never was it started by God,” he claimed during one of his prayer sessions.

The nationally revered cleric was categorical that a section of his congregation would be irritated by his message about when exactly was the Sabbath Day but that would not bar him from speaking the truth.

“The Lord said remember the Sabbath and keep it holy. The Sabbath is not Sunday. You don’t like it, you don’t just like the truth,” Lai said in the sermon that left the multitude in attendance noticeably silent.





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