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Pray For Me!! Syd explains how marriages are destroyed after holiday with Amber Ray



Amber Ray and Syd have been making headlines ever since they took their humble time to post photos of themselves on vacation in Santorini.


Amber first shared photos of a man but didn’t show off his face, but trust Instagram police officers to dig deep and uncover who the ninja is.

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They made everyone believe that they are truly an item, months after Amber broke up with her husband, Zaheer Jhanda.


Well, it seems that there’s trouble in paradise, well based on Syd’s latest post. He seems to be in a lot of pain and quite angry as he termed women were born to destroy marriages.

“Ladies, y’all can’t get married. Some of you were born to destroy marriages??

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If I can take you back, it was reported that Amber had broken the marriage of her ex husband when he was married to Aaliyah Zaheer.

Aaliyah stated that Amber was seeking services of a witch doctor to snatch her husband from her after a photo went viral of Amber in a shack, holding two chickens, one white and black, and covered from head to toe in strange clothing.

Amber refuted the claims explaining that the photo was from a scene in a movie she was acting in.

Amber has deleted all the photos of the two together and left on one, that was taken during her birthday celebrations. Syd has also deleted their photos

So, the question is have the two broken up and was their relationship legit or was it all a publicity stunt? We’ll just have to wait and see how things unfold.

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