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Present the evidence before us and i will act accordingly CJ Maraga tells lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi



Chief Justice David Maraga has asked lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi and others with information on graft at the Supreme Court to file petitions or table evidence at the Judicial Service Commission.

This follows allegations made by Senior Counsel Ahmednasir about some of the Supreme Court judges receiving bribes in the recent ruling on the Wajir gubernatorial petition.

This comes a day after Supreme Court Judge Mohammed Ibrahim demanded an apology from the lawyer for publishing defamatory words against him over the Wajir gubernatorial election petition.

The judge, through his lawyer Wambua Kilonzo, gave Ahmednassir seven days to retract the words published on his twitter account and offer an apology, failure to which he will move to court.

In the said tweets, Ahmednasir singled out Justice Ibrahim for having changed his mind hours before the ruling that upheld the election of Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi.

“The problem with corruption in the Kenyan Supreme Court as aptly shown by the judgment of Wajir gubernatorial petition is that corruption is single sourced & is not open & competitive. My client was not invited to put his bid & some judges took money from only one party,” tweeted Ahmednasir.

He promised to write a letter to the Chief Justice on “which judges were bribed and how much money they got.”

Justice Ibrahim says the tweets were “libelous, malicious, oppressive and spiteful and were calculated to, and did discredit our client’s good way and reputation, injured, disparaged and lowered his esteem and regard among right thinking members of the local and international society.”

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