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Proposals of the Raila/Uhuru building bridges initiative




1. Soon after the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between H. E. Uhuru Kenyatta and H. E. Raila Odinga on 9th March 2018, signified by the Handshake, ODM established a Building Bridges Initiative Technical Committee to make proposals on how to address the nine issues identified in the MoU.

2. The nine issues are: Ethnic Antagonism and Competition; Lack of National Ethos; Inclusivity; Devolution; Divisive Elections; Safety and Security; Corruption ; Shared Prosperity; and Responsibilities and Rights.

3. The Committee was to make proposals on policy, legislative and constitutional changes as well as on institutional review necessary to address the nine challenges.

4. The Committee has made far reaching proposals touching on our political, economic and social architecture of our society.

5. Keeping faith with our participatory approach to decision making on major issues, the proposals were last week circulated to our County Party Leaders for feedback and further input.

6. The response has been overwhelming and well considered. The inputs will inform the final document to be presented to the BBI Task Force.

7. Driven by the usual zeal, some of our leaders circulated the proposals beyond the formal ODM Party structures, leading to a section of the media attributing the same to the BBI Task Force.

8. We wish to reiterate that the document remains a discussion paper to stimulate conversation that will lead to the formulation of a national ODM Party position that will be presented to the BBI Task Force at the appropriate time.

Dated in Nairobi this 3rd December 2018.

Edwin Sifuna

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