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Raundi Hii Utakonda Sana!- Fans Tell Eric Omondi As Wife Material Season 3 Preparations Begin



Eric Omondi’s quest for a wife continues as he embarks on his popular show ‘Wife Material’. The highly anticipated season 3 of the show is set to premier on 19th of this month.

In his promo video dubbed WIFE MATERIAL 3. AFRICA EDITION!!! The self proclaimed President of Comedy, Africa revealed season 3 will be a conglomerate of contestants from 5 African countries; Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, South Sudan and Nigeria.

The comedian yesternight flew to Nigeria to get some of the contestants and bring them to Kenya.

”Flew to Nigeria Lagos Last night to go meet ALL my BEAUTIFUL Nigerian Contestants who sent Videos. I will be flying back with 3 of them. The ALL the GIRLS will land on MONDAY the 18TH and the SHOW PREMIERS on TUESDAY the 19TH!!! AFRICA WILL SHAKE!!!”

According to the funnyman, purchasing his palatial home in Karen expedited his search for a wife further. His previous season of the show flopped, even after promising Kenyans that he would get a wife from there. After Season 2 the show got dissolved, Eric’s tremendous weight loss was conspicuous.

Netizens are now worried on whether Eric Omondi will make it through the 3rd season of the show in good shape.

Eric also addressed the same and agreed that he will indeed lose weight. It’s only a matter of time before we see Eric going back to his old self.

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