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Saika, Mowlem residents lament demolition notice



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Residents of Nairobi’s Mowlem and Saika areas are lamenting a recent demolition notice issued by Kenya Power.

The 14 day notice issued by the power company is asking those who have built are living along the power line to vacate before Monday next week.

Those who spoke to Ghetto Radio News questioned how the buildings and business premises they are living in are all of a sudden on power lines.

They further claim that the 14 day notice issued by Kenya Power is too short for them to reorganize themselves and relocate.

“How do i move my business from this place to another place within 14 days? They should have at least added us more time to reorganize ourselves,” said one resident.

Kenya Power issued the demolition notice last week and some of the areas affected are top residential houses in Buruburu Famers Land area, and some slums in Saika and Mowlem.