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Savage! Akothee fat shames fan in a post that will leave the lady in tears!





By now singer Akothee is used to the online trolls and of course her care free attitude scares off haters who can’t handle how ruthless she can get on social media.

But to some extent, Akothee is no different with these bullies as she chooses to engage with them. By now many would expect her to over look the petty fights sparked by keyboard warriors looking to annoy her on social media.

Singer Akothee

As ruthless as Akothee is, sometimes it’s better off not to fight back since you wouldn’t understand the state of mind a bully is in; when they picking on a celebrity!

Anyway just a few hours ago, Akothee left no stone unturned after a fan by the name of Juanita insulted her on social media. As usual Akothee is known not to let such things slide without her replying; and unfortunately for Juanita things were not so simple!

Akothee performing

As seen on several screenshots making rounds on social media, Akothee went all out as she abused the fan for having a big stomach which she says can find 1.8 million people everyday.

In a screenshot shared online, Akothee wrote,



The lady went on to add saying:


This comes barely 2 weeks after Akothee went on to encourage Mulamwah not to care what bullies on social media say about him or his career.

Akothee stated that so far she has grown thick skin when it comes to these bullies and nothing said to her can affect her actions or change the person she is! So what changed?

Well, this is something I wouldn’t really have an answer to but judging from how bullying is spreading on social media faster than the coronavirus; maybe fans and celebrities should just do this face to face then!

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