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‘She approached me’ Sean Andrew pills the beans on her ex



Sean Andrew is putting his life out in the public.

He has been on the trend based on his relationship with the ex, Elodie Zone which later created a fan base for him and now he is known as a social media influencer.

In his ‘ask me a question’ segment, he revealed a lot. Sean Andrew is a cute man and you can tell the amount of thirst girls have for him. Believe it or not, he has never hunted for a girl. They have always approached him.

fun fact everyone I’ve ever dated approached me first

He went on to reveal more about his past relationship saying that one of his relationships showed him the worst. Sean was cheated on and to make it worse, she was living a double life.

she cheated on me and lived a double life. another story for another day

Just recently, Sean opened up about suicide and how he has been a victim of the situation. He decided to start a conversation in a bid to help anyone who is depressed and feeling like there is no hope in this life as it is a problem rising in the society among the youth.

In a very revealing post, Sean confessed:

I’ve been in such a situation where I felt as if it wasn’t worth living anymore and I was so alone… No one deserves to feel what I felt… We can make a difference.

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All he is trying to prove on social media is that he is a human being despite all the fame and money and of course the cuteness, but at least he is using his reach to help curb a problem in the society, suicide.

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