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Socialite Vera Sidika explains why she slayed in full face makeup during the delivery of her daughter



Baby Vera is finally here! From the reports making rounds on social media is that the new newborn was given the name, Princess Asia Brown.

Sidika welcomes baby girl

Just by that name, we can tell that Vera Sidika won’t be giving her baby any privacy, as she has been waiting to document their life together from the word go.

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From what we have learnt is that the delivery was filmed for the purpose of the upcoming reality show; and for that reason, Socialite Vera Sidika went into the delivery room all glammed up with full face makeup and of course her wig.

Wait what? Yes – just like Beyoncé wore kitten heels for Blu’s birth – Vera went in face glowing with extremely expensive makeup. Speaking about this, the socialite wrote;

I woke misskeyshamakeup up for my makeup appointment cz my CS admission was early morning


Sidika welcomes Asia Brown

Well, from the way Vera Sidika is moving I guess this is where we ask Brown Mauzo to find a new hobby; cause honestly – Vera Sidika might sideline him for a while now that Asia is here.

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With a new reality show on the way and Asia Brown already the topic of discussion in town… probably it’s time Vera and the rest of the socialites featured dropped a trailer for their fans.

But again, it’s just been day 1 for her as a mum….let’s see how the remaining 363 days go.


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