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Some bizarre traditions which are carried out by different African tribes



Different African tribes over the years have tried to maintain some of their traditions and cultures.

Shocking as they may be, read through to understand some of the things tribes do:

1. Maasai tribe 

The Maasai tribe found in Kenya and Tanzania is one of the tribes that have been able to maintain their traditions over the years have some weird traditions that made them top this list. When greeting each other ,the members of the tribe spit . They are also accustomed to drinking animal blood .

They are also spit on new born babies and speak negative things about it,this is because they believe that when you say positive things or blessings the baby is cursed.

2. Hamer tribe 


The  tribe which is found in Ethiopia have to prove their manhood by jumping,running and landing on the back of bulls while naked. When this is taking place female friends of the boy to undergo the test cover their whole body, head and hair with red ocher mix with fats.


They then have to dance and get whipped by elders until they have scars and wounds on their body. This is to show their loyalty to their friend.


3. Banyankole tribe 


The tribe which is found in Uganda had a weird belief when it came to marriage . They believe that before a lady gets married the aunt has to sleep with the groom to have a potency test. At times their tradition states that the aunt has to watch or listen to the bride and groom having sex also as a way test the potency.

4. Surma tribe 


The tribe is found in Southern part of Sudan and also the South west part of Ethiopia. When girls are in their teen years , their lower teeth are remove  and the lip stretching procedure is done. As they grow older a wider plate is kept on the lip to increase the size of the stretch.For the men they mainly do their ears but some do their lips as well.

Warriors also tend to get scars on their body which is a kind of beauty believed to attract women.

5. Wodaabe tribe


The tribe is found in a few parts of west Africa mostly northern parts of Nigeria ,certain parts of Cameroon,Chad and Central African Republic. They usually hold a festival known as the the Gerewol Festival .Whereby the members of the tribe dance at night,it might not seem weird at first but here is the thing, the men of the tribe are allowed to steal women of the same tribe married .

It doesn’t matter if the woman is married or not, the tribe recognizes the new union as a legitimate marriage except on the grounds that the woman refuses or her husband catches the man while he is trying to steal the woman

6. Chewa tribe


The tribe is mainly found in Malawi and is known for the masks they wear. When a member of the tribe dies , the members cut of his throat and pour in water and squeeze it out using the stomach.

They do so until the water coming out is clean. The water which they use to wash the body is used to prepare a meal for the whole tribe.


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