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Sudan President Unveils Tough Economic Measures as the Protests in the Country Grow



Sudan’s president, Omar al-Bashir has unveiled tough economic measures, which is meant to curb the crisis experienced in the country since December.

He has made it illegal to trade fuel products and subsidised goods as well as carrying more than $3,000 in local currency or 150 grams of gold when leaving the country.

“Bashir has also ordered that buying and selling of foreign currency be done only through official channels,” says Africa News.

These measures are part of the recently announced one-year state of emergency declared in the country.

The protest which began over the rise price of bread has rapidly turned to be against his 30 day rule in the country.

In January, the Central Bureau of Statistics revealed that the country’s inflation rate had risen to 72.94 per cent in December from 68.93 percent in November.

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