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Tedd Josiah: Am not interested in Ladies at the moment



Renowned Kenyan music producer Tedd Josiah has revealed that he does not intend re-marry or even date again following the demise of his wife Regina Muthoni in October last year.

“I am settled, I don’t need anyone. Right now, my focus is JJ and bringing someone now into her life will destabilize her. She is still young to understand what is going on and I’m very sensitive about that,” Josiah said.

The 48 year old producer lost his wife who was then aged 26 just three months after they had welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Jameela Wendo (JJ), who is now one year and four months old.

In another interview, the legendary music producer admitted to being the reason his first marriage did not work out.

“I was young and stupid when I married my first wife. I was so arrogant and at that time I was not ready to marry. I played a part in making sure the marriage did not work. I was a really bad boy,” he disclosed.

The two were blessed with two children, now teenagers and Tedd admits he was lonely after neglecting his children from former wife.

“Losing the kids was so painful. I had another daughter who kept waiting for me at the gate every day but I was nowhere to be seen. That wound is still very fresh, but now is when we are trying to repair the bond that was broken then with my other two children,” he said.

The producer is credited with shaping the careers of many local celebrities including Wyre, Nameless, Kalamashaka among others.

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