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Telcos regulator warns on increased cybercrime attacks : The Standard



The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has warned that more Kenyans are falling victim to criminals online as cybercrime cases hit an all-time high.

Latest industry statistics indicate the number of threats reported to the National Cyber Crime Centre (NCC) grew exponentially in the past year as criminals get more sophisticated in their attacks.
According to the CA, the number of cyber attacks reported to the NCC in the three months ending September 2018 stood at 6,384, up from just 539 recorded over a similar period last year.
“During the quarter under review, the National Cybersecurity Centre received cases of malware, systems misconfigurations, web application, botnet, online fraud, online impersonation and online abuse attacks,” said the CA in the report.

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Denial of service
“The cyber threats detected varied from denial-of-service including botnet and brute-force attacks that led to the denial of computer services and illegal access to computer systems.
Other reported cases of cybercrime involved online impersonation via social media accounts, website defacement, phishing attacks, abuse including fraud, hate speech, incitement to violence and fake news, among others.
The new figures come as experts warn increased application of biometric and mobile technology in everyday life is heightening the dangers of cybercrime for oblivious Internet users.
A report by cybersecurity firm KasperSky Lab said the banking malware attacks in the Middle East and Africa recorded a 17 per cent increase this year with criminals evolving their attacks with emerging technology.

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“(Next year) could see the first attacks through the theft and use of biometric data,” said KasperSky in its outlook for the year.

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