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‘The only person you should be loyal to is yourself.’ Akothee shouts



Social media can be quite deceiving with people flaunting their wealth or lifestyle, but no one is sure if whatever people post is genuine or just a fake lifestyle.

Well, Akothee has never shied away from showing off her wealth; furthermore she’s worked hard for it, having gone through hardships in this life of sin.

But one thing she advices her fans is not to fall victim to social media pressure, trying to live like the people they see on Instagram or Facebook, because most of them are living a fake life, all for the likes and followers.

She says, “People are busy faking it online to climb social classes, and you are busy copying them, yet you still wonder why you are not happy? how can you copy something fake and get real results? love your life, go to social media, have fun and don’t forget to live your life! they ain’t showing you their struggles! so calm down, you are doing good for your age! I LOVE YOU BAE @acaciapremierhotel the only person you should be loyal and true to is yourself.”

So the question is. Are you living your life based on what you see on social media or is your lifestyle genuine?

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