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The Presidency must be taken back to Kabarak, it’s not if but when?



By Anwar Sadat

The Presidency must be taken back to Kabarak, it’s not if but when?

The current discussions between “who ka who” is if for some reason it can’t get to Kabarak in 2022, then who is the most suitable to have temporary custodian of the instruments of power before it gets to Kabarak.

And there are multiple safe hands who can effectively be temporary custodians of power: from Mudavadi, Kalonzo, to Tinga should those who decide who become president think that 2022 isn’t the right time to return that thing to Kabarak.

The Who ka who is also acutely aware that Night Ninja, Luna Girl, Romeo and their legion of evil servants have firmly fixed their eyes on that thing -They are camping beneath the water of River Jordan and standing by the bridge over River Jordan waiting for that perfect opportunity!

It’s going to get nasty hapo mbele.

But one advice I can give anyone interested in that thing is that they shouldn’t be quick to abuse drunkards, especially when we have so many of them sitting at the gathering of Who ka Who and still hold real power.

You never know, they may just select one of them and tell you to go do business in Heaven, the home of the pious and the righteous.

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