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The Standard – Kenya: Antonio Conte teaches Inter Milan players how to make love to help Serie A title hopes | The Standard



Antonio Conte has given his Inter Milan players a sex code.[Courtesy]

Antonio Conte has given his Inter Milan aces the golden rules to having sex during the Serie A season.

Former Chelsea manager Conte joined Inter in the summer and has managed to keep them hot on the tail of reigning champions Juventus at the top of the table.

Inter are just a point behind Juve having won 10 of their opening 12 matches – with their only defeat coming against the Turin based giants.

Conte has explained that one of the reasons behind his side’s form is his rules in the players’ love lives.

Romelu Lukaku must abide by Conte’s sex rules. [Courtesy]

The 50-year-old has decreed his stars must put limited effort into intercourse, always be on the bottom and only be intimate with their own wives.

“Competition for me is battle,” he told L’Equipe. “It is ‘your death, my life’. I am very focused on the fact that in the end there should only be one left standing and I do everything to make it my team. 

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“This is my way of being and it will lead me to interrupt my career very early because I live my work too much. And I often ask if it is right to spend so much time without my family.

“During the season, sex must not last too long, we must do as little effort as possible. So stay under the partner.

Inter players must-have sex quickly.[Courtesy]

“And preferably, with their wives, because if with others, well, that needs extra action.”

Meanwhile, Conte was placed under police protection recently after he received a bullet in the post.

In response, he said: “As I said in the past, I think we should try to convey positive values for those who follow us, for future generations.

“I also talked about how surprised I was after returning to Italy. I don’t think it’s right to have discussions on these episodes that are negative, uneducated.

“The more discussions we have on these situations, the more negative messages we send to young people who see in us people who are supposed to provide positive teachings.

“The less we talk about it, the better. There are those who are doing their job and have assured me that they will give me news.” 


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