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‘There were rumours my baby mama was cheating on me’ Shaffie Weru explains story behind Nax Vegas photos



Shaffie Weru is one guy who says things as they are and doesn’t have the time to sugar coat anything. In short, he’s a straight forward guy and that’s what makes him unique.

When it comes to his family, Shaffie is a proud father of three and he’s never shied away from sharing photos of his kids because they are just his life.

A few years ago, photos went viral of a very drunk Shaffie being carried out of a stadium by security in Nakuru. People made fun of him but no one really knows the story behind the photos.

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In an interview with Chipukeezy, Shaffie explained that he was going through something in his life that many people till date do not know.

“If I took you back 2005-06 in Nakuru I got so messed up and many people don’t understand what I was going through then, but I know what I was going through. That time nilikua na beef na Mama Nia mbaya sana. It was 2-3 years into our relationship. So you can imagine hiyo pressure alafu saa hiyo there were rumours that alikua ananicheza. Wasee huniangalia hivi wanaona siwezi chezwa. Mimi huchezwa,” he narrated.

He continued, “So you can imagine you are living with a woman and you’re with her, you’ve given your whole, saa hizo nimetoka mother ya Milan, nimejiingiza huku. Huku sasa ni noma. At that time about 2-3 years into the relationship things were just not going right, we were not feeling each other, ilikua pressure and she was way younger than me and she did what she did, I did what I did so mimi nikajitupa kwa kuparty tu coz huko nje ndio unapata acceptance, hiding my grief and everything and that’s how the word Nax Vegas came about.”

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