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These celebrities deserve an award for being the best Dads



Being a dad is not an easy job. Not only do you have kids who are looking up to you, as a father you also have to provide, protect, motivate and love.

Most dads will tell you that at times they feel stuck and think of giving up, but the minute it hits them that the kids need them, they get back up and do all they can to be there for their babies.

It can even get hard if you are a celebrity because having a private life is quite challenging and you have to make sure your kids are protected from social media trolls.

But these celebrity dads have just given us a reason to believe that being a dad is something amazing and beautiful.

They’ve shared beautiful moments with their kids on social media and we love every bit of it.

Here are the dads who have served goals effortlessly;

Nick Mutuma

A few months ago, Nick announced that he was a dad to a little angel called Dua. He has on many occasions shared how amazing it is to be a dad and the joy Dua has brought to his life.


The funny comedian has never shied away from showing off how much his son means to him. He has even featured him in some of his skits and we just can’t get enough of the little boy.

Shaffie Weru

If you follow Shaffie on social media, you must have seen that he loves to take videos of his little girl, Nia. He has a daughter, Milan, who lives abroad with her mother. Every year, when Milan turns a year older, Shaffie makes sure he travels abroad just to spend the special day with her. Aaaww.


DJ Mo And Ladasha Belle

The celebrated gospel DJ showers Ladasha Belle with love any possible opportunity he gets. He has always shared photos and videos of his daughter on social media, keeping us updated of her beautiful milestones and we love every bit of it.

Tedd Josiah

tedd josiah

Now this man needs a number of awards because he is one hell of a dad. Raising a kid alone is a pretty hard task, but Tedd has proved to us that things can get better. His wife Reginah died when their daughter, Jay, was just a few months old. And he has had to raise the little angel alone. He shares their moments on social media and we love how beautiful their moments are.

DJ Creme de la Creme

The father of two is one of a kind. Being a DJ is hard work, with travelling and working late hours just to make ends meet is not an easy task.


Nameless has served daddy goals for years and from what we see on social media, he’s doing quite a great job.

King Kaka

It’s fair to say that he’s a king, well to his two adorable babies, Gweth and Iroma. He has made it clear that all he does is for his kids, and that’s very admirable.

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