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This is the condition that saw Jua Cali´s son undergo eye surgery



Kenyan hip hop artist, Jua Cali discloses the rare eye condition that saw his son undergo surgery, that wasn´t cheap.

Genge artist, Jua cali with wife, Lily and children: Evans and Doreen
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In an interview with Mpasho, the Kenyan rapper revealed:

Alikuwa na condition inaitwa Ptosis.

Ptosis is an eye condition that causes drooping of the upper eyelid over the eye.

Where the moment alikuwa shule macho yake ilikuwa inajifunga kiasi.

Na watoi walikuwa wanatend kumake fun of him na iliaffect self-esteem yake.

The eyelid may droop just a little or so much that it can limit one from or even completely bar normal vision.

This might have resulted to the son´s stigmatization from fellow kids at school.

Fortunately, the doctor´s did not disappoint:

Tuliget doctor mpoa and surgery ilikuwa successful.

Saa hizi anaweza soma vizuri.

In addition, the Genge star, had this piece of advice for parents:

The moment unarealize uko na hiyo condition enda tu hosi mapesa ufanyiwe surgery.

Hospital bills are never easy to cater for especially when we start diving into matters of surgery, but he insists, it is important.

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