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Three students arrested after teacher is found dead in Nakuru



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Police in Nakuru have arrested three high school students after  a high school teacher was found murdered under mysterious circumstances.

According to area chief David Kering, it the deceased had allegedly engaged in a scuffle with one of the students after the teacher confiscated a mobile phone in the students’ possession.

The victim, Peter Omari, who was also the boarding master at Hopewell school is reported to have been attacked on his way out of the institution  and hit severally with a blunt object.

“We don’t know what the attackers used to hit the teacher with on the head that led to his death but police are pursuing the matter,” said Kering.

The deceased was found lifeless by a neighbor who was alerted of screams from the school by Omari’s wife.

“We heard wails from the school compound and when we rushed there we found the body of the teacher lying in a pool of blood,” said village elder Samson Kosgey