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Dr. Julius Muia recently called for the automation of revenue collection, noting that manual tax collection encouraged a lack of integrity and corruption. A digitization software that manages various sectors of the economy will help provide real-time information to drive economic growth.

Dr. Muia noted the need for software to monitor VAT and Stamp Duty to cut revenue losses and check public debt.

According to the PS, part of the reason why KRA misses its revenue target is the lack of a digital system which allows immediate interventions. As a result, the revenue shortfalls force the government to borrow, which increases public debt.

“If all revenue due to the government was effectively collected, the ballooning public debt could not have arisen. I urge all eligible taxpayers to ensure that they pay up taxes,” said Dr. Muia.


In a meeting with Christian De Angelis: the US Deputy Economic Counselor in Kenya, the PS emphasized on Treasury’s commitment to safeguarding public resources from both local and development partners. He also lauded the United States’ support for development in Kenya.

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