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Uber Eats adds bicycle, roller skaters and skateboarders delivery options




Uber Eats, which was launched last year in Nairobi has introduced food delivery on bicycles, roller skates and skateboards just weeks after competitor Glovo unveiled the same.

The move, according to Uber Eats would allow users to earn an extra income as they do their day-to-day activities or exercise or head to work or from work.

Small wheels, big opportunities

For example, Uber Eats skates delivery-partner, Haile, a student at Zetech University, combines his favourite hobby and exercise into one, all while earning some extra cash to pay off the rest of his school fees via the Uber Eats app!

As a student juggling classes and schoolwork, Haile makes the most of his free time by doing sun-rise coffee deliveries while on his way to campus. During longer breaks between his lectures, he’ll get in a few more deliveries, because there isn’t any time wasted when building his future empire.

Haile considers himself to be a professional skater and believes this mode of delivery is the best option for him as it allows him to avoid traffic congestion. “Delivering food using my inline skates was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. I get to rediscover my city and meet awesome locals along the way!”

Two wheels turning, create cash earnings

Another partner is Lawrence from Ndara in Nairobi. Lawrence uses a bicycle to complete his orders. After being unemployed for some time, Lawrence was introduced to Uber Eats via a fellow cycle friend who was already on the app and completing deliveries using just his bicycle. Now, the bicycle that was just used for leisurely rides around his city, could now become an earning opportunity for Lawrence.


He quickly signed up, passed all the requirements and hasn’t looked back since! “Using my bike to deliver on the Uber Eats app has been a life-changing experience. Even though I don’t have a car, I am still able to earn money by delivering on Uber Eats and i am able to look after myself,” says Lawrence.

Four wheels, Zero Petrol

Like any young person surfing the internet, they are bound to find a creative idea they would like to try. Peter, a twenty-three-year-old from Eldoret, watched a Youtube video of another delivery-partner delivering Uber Eats with his skateboard. A skateboarder himself, Peter’s interest was definitely piqued.

Once he underwent the onboarding process and provided the necessary documentation, he picked up his skateboard, attached his helmet and started his delivery journey. Peter finds his experience on the app riveting and he is forever grateful that those four wheels beneath his feet, bring him joy and serve as a source of income. Peter says that the youth face many challenges in finding employment, but with Uber Eats, there is another avenue to earn an income without needing anything too expensive. “I didn’t need much to start earning on the app and my running costs are minimal as I don’t need petrol or an oil change – Just a quick wheel change every now and then, and I’m good to go,” says Peter.

With Uber Eats, delivery-partners are able to travel around their local city, and fully immersive themselves in a city filled with vibrant colours and cultural experience! And sometimes, the best way to travel is in the open, and making some extra cash while doing so, is just the cherry on top!


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