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Ukona Tabia Za Kidem, You Should Change- Andrew Kibe Scolds Eric Omondi



Comedian Eric Omondi has found himself under heavy criticism by radio presenter Andrew Kibe; who has dissed him for his recent campaigning strategy for business mogul Jimmy Wanjigi. Eric has been campaigning for Jimmy Wanjigi for weeks now; who is vying for presidency in the next general election.

Eric has employed different strategies of convincing young people to choose Wanjigi. He was recently seen dressed as a woman; and in extreme facial make-up.

Eric Omondi in make-up and women’s outfit-IG

This is what has got Andrew Kibe at loggerheads with Eric Omondi. He terms this behavior as obnoxious. He posted a video addressing him saying;

”Eric I’m talking to you man. Nilimwona amefanya video juzi, amejivaa kaa dem, amepaka mpaka make-up, selling a political candidate. Nikajiuliza why? I don’t have to dress like women to talk to women… Women respond to men… ID yako imeandikwaje? Ama ni Erica… You need to change your ways. Ukona tabia za kidem sasa wewe. Na since ukona tabia za kidem lazima tukuambie sasa. Sit your f*kin a$$ bro.

Stop that bullsh*t. What are you teaching our kids?…”

Kibe continued to state that women celebrating Eric Omondi is not right.

”Even you women sometimes you pis$ the sh*t out of me… Women please stop lying to men. Tusirudi garden of eden. Now women are celebrating Eric Omondi as he dresses like a woman…”

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