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Unatuchanganya Sasa!-Fans Scold Bahati For Mixing Gospel And Secular Music



Musician Kevin Bahati’s latest gospel track has elicited wild reactions from music fans all over the country. This is mostly because of the fact that Bahati had switched to secular music this year. The singer has now found himself at loggerheads for this haphazard move.

Bahati’s criticism started this year; where he was reprimanded for switching to secular even after promising that he would stick with it in 2014. His throwback video had gone viral and he was forced to address the issue. He reiterated that he’s still a gospel artist and warned people against criticizing him. Fans thought otherwise, telling him that money made him forget where he’s come from.

On his side, Bahati believes that he can do both genres perfectly; and he shouldn’t be judged. In his latest Instagram post; Bahati smokes as he beats his own chest stating;

”Just One Puff to Celebrate being the Top Gospel Artist and Top in Secular at the Same Time in Kenya; Humbled 🙏”

The post has been subject to huge criticisms. Below are some of the wild reactions from his fans and counterparts;

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