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Vincent Mboya Criticizes Mungai Eve For Owning Shoes Worth Ksh 90K And Living In A 15K House (Video)



Vincent Mboya has ignited a beef with popular YouTube vlogger Mungai Eve after heavily criticizing her for showing off shoes worth Ksh 93K on Azziad Nasenya’s ‘Shoe Game’ YouTube show.

Even though it was Mungai’s boyfriend Trevor who claimed to own the shoes; Mboya believes that it’s peculiar for them to own such expensive shoes and live in a house paying rent worth Ksh 15,ooo.

Speaking on the YouTube channel ‘Lifestyle with Lucie’, the young upcoming artist divulged his predicament with Mungai Eve saying;

 ”Tuambiane ukweli wakenya. Kununua kiatu ya 90K na unaishingi kwa nyumba ya 15K, really? Does that make sense?… But wewe mwenyewe, mnanunua kiatu ya 90K na mna recycle viatu? Ata sometimes hao hu-share viatu?… ”

Clout Chasing?

Mboya has now been scolded by netizens, who claim he’s on a clout chasing spree. Mboya became popular after radio personality and comedian Jalang’o donated rent worth Ksh 18,000 to him. He would later complain of being belittled by Jalas. This was the climax of their beef but he later apologized after a stun warning by Jalang’o.

This time, he has gone after Mungai Eve, who is allegedly unhappy with him. Mboya shared screenshots of what appeared to be Mungai Eve’s message to him.

Mungai Eve is yet to share her side of the story on the latter.

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