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We are ready for a referendum to help in inclusivity



ANC chief Musalia Mudavadi yesterday said leaders have agreed on a referendum and that only the questions to be put in the vote remain.

Speaking at his Nairobi home where he hosted last year’s election losers from Mt Kenya region, Mudavadi called for dialogue to build consensus.

“Developing consensus through dialogue means that the impending referendum will not be contested in ways that will polarise the country,” Mudavadi said. Mudavadi had previously opposed the constitutional change call, saying it had been hijacked by politicians with selfish interests.

Last week, President Uhuru Kenyatta hinted the referendum may be necessary to promote inclusivity and cohesion.

Mudavadi said people should not read to much into his meeting with the politicians. ‘’I know Kenyans will perceive this to be matters of succession politics, but we are not here to discuss politics, but matters of national interest,” he said. 

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